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Welcome to Chilly Billy's
Ice Cream Truck!


Chilly Billy's On His Way!

Welcome to the Chilly Billy's Ice Cream Truck website! Buffalo and Western New York's finest Good Humor Ice Cream Truck. We are retail distributors of Good Humor, Popsicle, Breyers and Klondike as well as other brands of premium ice cream novelties such as Well's Blue Bunny, Perry's Ice Cream, Byrne Dairy and Kemps. It is a Red, White and Blue Patriotic former mini school bus. Our pushcarts can be rented for indoor and longer-term events. We don't play the ordinary Ice Cream Truck music. The Chilly Billy Theme is a unique custom made ice cream truck jingle by This Song's For You, in Tonawanda, New York and is available on Apple Itunes.

Chilly Billy, TJ and Truck

Chilly Billy's Ice Cream Truck Is Now Booking Dates For 2015.

Ice Cream Push Cart Rental

Push Cart Service Now Available!
(Attendant Provided if Needed)

Call 716-578-8449 For Details! 

Chilly Billy's Novelty Ice Cream Pushcart

We can provide your company or group with a Nelson Cold Plate Push Cart. This Ice Cream Cart can hold up to 600 Novelty Items. It has mechanical hold-over plates so that it can be left unplugged for several hours and still keep your products frozen. Call for Pushcart Rental information.

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Chilly Billy's Ice Cream is proud to serve the people of the Buffalo and WNY areas including our home town of Kenmore - Town of Tonawanda and surrounding communities. As a resident of this area for over 29 years, I feel it is my obligation to give excellent customer service to all my friends and neighbors. When you book your next party or event with Chilly Billy's Ice Cream you'll know its not the "same old" ice cream truck!
Some of our Products!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
Cookie Sandwich
Choco Taco
Choco Taco
Oreo Bar
Oreo Bar
Cherry Chill
Cherry Chill
Nutty Cone
Nutty Cone
Minions Bar

Chilly Billy's Ice Cream is committed to being the best ice cream food truck in Buffalo. To do that requires great products and service. We carry Good Humor Brand Novelty Ice Cream Products as well as Perry's, Blue Bunny Brands, Popsicle, Klondike, Breyers, Ben & Jerry's, On special request we can offer Pepsi-Cola Products, Gatorade, bottled water, snacks and candy. We can serve as a mobile concession stand for your little league, soccer or football games. Parties, promotions, fundraising and events such as car shows, field days, etc. are never a problem. Just give Chilly Billy's Ice Cream a call first, before you book with someone else.

Chilly Billy Cares!

Chilly Billy's personnel are non-smoking, clean and friendly. Our standards are high so if you have any questions or complaints email us at We cater to kids and grown-up kids alike. Now that you know what our jingle is you'll know that "Chilly Billy's On His Way!

 Caution Swing Sign For Ice Cream Truck

 Ice Cream Truck Safety Tips

When the ice cream truck visits your street remember to WALK, not run,    when approaching or leaving the ice cream truck.

• Look both ways before crossing the street.

• Cross at the rear of the vehicle.

• Don't ever get into or onto an ice cream truck. The driver might not see    you if you are behind the truck.

Chilly Billy's Serves Perry's, Good Humor, Perry's & Other Brands of Novelty Ice Cream.


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