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Listed below are several items that are carried by Chilly Billy's Ice Cream Truck. We will usually carry approximately 30-35 items on the truck. Some items below may not be stocked at all times. For special events and parties you may choose to have a particular item stocked. Retail price sheet furnished upon request only if your group or company is interested in hiring us for your event. Programs tailored to your needs. Email Chilly Billy.

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 Bubblegum Bar
Bubble Gum Bar

 Cotton Candy Bar
Cotton Candy Bar

Bomb Pop Jr

Hot pink and cool blue swirls of bubble gum flavored ice make this pop great! A carnival of flavor! Yellow and pink swirls of cotton candy flavored ice make this a super treat. Flavors of cherry, lime and blue raspberry fill the mini fins that make this treat an all-American favorite. These crayon shaped juice pops feature layers of orange, cherry, blue raspberry and watermelon.

Orange Cream bar
Orange Buddie Bar

Ice Cream Bar 

Fudge Bar 
Perry's Fudgie Bar

Artificially flavored vanilla ice cream in a crisp orange sherbet shell. Artificially flavored vanilla ice cream on a stick, dipped in a chocolate flavored coating. Rich chocolate fudge transformed into a delicious frozen dairy dessert.  Popsicle Lick-a-Color ice pops are made from the outside in. Citrus flavored with Lemon and Pear for a sour flavor sure to please.

Rainbow Snow Cone 
Fudge Banana Bomb Pop
Fudge Banana Bomb

Original Bomb Pop 
Original Bomb Pop

  Nutty Cone
Perry's Sundae Cone
The timeless classic. Rainbow colored strawberry, lemon and blue raspberry crushed ice in a paper cone. This twist on an all-time
classic features a creamy
banana middle between two layers of fudge.
A patriotic pop with flavors worth saluting: blue raspberry, white lemon, and All-American cherry. A jazzed up version of the traditional cone. Artificially flavored vanilla ice cream, a milk chocolate flavored coating, and peanuts. 

Perry's Chocolate
Sundae Crunch 

Perry's Strawberry
Sundae Crunch

Peanut Butter Crunch
Perry's Peanut Butter
Sundae Crunch

  Toasted Almond
Perry's Toasted
Almond Crunch Bar
A thick chocolate center is surrounded with smooth vanilla ice cream and rolled in a crunch coating. A thick strawberry center is surrounded with smooth vanilla ice cream and rolled in a crunch coating. Artificial flavor added
peanut butter ice cream bar with chocolate flavored center and cake crunch.
Toasted Almond Crunch surrounds the smooth vanilla ice cream bar Classic!

  Strawberry Froz Fruit
Strawberry Fruit Bar

Giant Van. Sandwich 

Neapolitan Sandwich

Birthday Cake Bar 
Birthday Cake Bar
All natural, fat free strawberry flavored fruit bar with strawberry pieces.  More of the good stuff. Two chocolate wafers hold loads of artificially flavored vanilla ice cream. Artificially flavored strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream between rich chocolate wafers. Cake crunch coated Vanilla Ice Cream around a Vanilla Cake Flavored Center. New!

Spiderman Bar

Sponge Bob Bar

Sonic The Hedgehog

Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny
You'll be spinning webs for this frozen treat. This "ultimate" bar has strawberry and lemon flavored slushed water ice with gumball eyes. From under the sea and into your freezer! Fruit punch and cotton candy flavored slushed ice with gumball eyes. This one's supersonic! Our creamy Sonic bar features blue raspberry and cherry flavors, with bright green bubblegum eyes. What's up, doc? Super sweet flavor! Our creamy Bugs Bunny-shaped bar features orange, mixed berry and cherry flavors complete with bubble gum eyes!

Madagascar 3
Madagascar 3

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty

Minions Bar
Minions Bar

Reeses PB Cup Bar
Reeses PB Cup
The penguins’ elite
Madagascar inspired face
bar with bubble gum eyes. Tropical punch and orange flavored.
This strawberry and cherry flavored frozen pop is shaped like Hello Kitty™. Strawberry-banana and blue raspberry flavored water ice shaped in the likeness of Minions™. REESE'S Peanut Butter Cup combined with artificially flavored vanilla ice cream with REESE'S PB Swirl, REESE'S PB Cup pieces & chocolate flavored coating.

Oreo Ice Cream Bar

Lemon Lime Shots

Intense Fruit Shots

C. C. Cookie Sandwich 
Artificially flavored vanilla Klondike ice cream with OREO Cookie pieces and OREO Cookie crunch coating. Mini neon green, lemon lime free-flowing ice beads in a shaker cup. One shake releases an avalanche of flavor. An avalanche of flavor! Micro-sized, free-flowing fruit-flavored ice beads in a handy shaker tube. A double delight! Artificially flavored vanilla ice cream rolled in chocolate flavored chips and placed between two chocolate chip cookies.

Choco Taco

Chocolate Malt Cup

Double Lemon Chill

Cherry Chill Cup
Artificially flavored fudge rippled reduced fat vanilla ice cream, a taco shell cone, milk chocolate flavored coating and crunchy peanuts. Thick, creamy and oh-so good! Our malt cups taste like an old-time chocolate malted shake that's been frozen in time. Double lemon is doubly good! The individual cup means this treat is just for you. The special Chill® formula cools you down quick! This is the cherry for cherry lovers! The individual cup means this treat is just for you. The special Chill® formula cools you down quick!

Screamers Cookies and Cream Cup

Cookies & Cream Cup

Party Sandwich

Party Sandwich

Sundae Cup

Dixie Sundae Cup
A frozen dessert bursting with crunchy bits of cream-filled chocolate cookies. Perfect when you’re on the go. 

Vanilla Cookie with Funfetti laced Vanilla Ice Cream!


4 oz Sundae Cups with wooden spoon.

Many Flavors
Chocolate Swirl
Strawberry Swirl

Special Order


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